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Residential EMI
11 Hastings Road
East Sussex
TN40 2HJ
Tel: 01424 211704
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Common Questions & Answers
Can I have personal possessions in my room, such as pictures, plants and furniture?
Yes. All residents are welcome, and encouraged, to bring personal items of furniture, so that their room can be personalized to their tastes.

Am I allowed to bring my dog, cat or other pet with me?
Yes, provided the pet can fit in to the home’s environment.

Will I have a choice of what and when to eat every day? Are special diets catered for?
Our chef has years of experience in menu planning and meeting the dietary needs of those in our care. The daily menus at the home are varied and, although there is a planned dish for each day, residents can choose to have an alternative meal at any time.

Can I invite my relatives and friends to come and have a meal with me, as I would do at home?
Family and friends are more than welcome to have meals with you, for a small fee.

Will I be free to have people visit me at any time, as they would be able to if I were living at home?
Yes. Green Bank operates an ‘open door’ policy for visitors to come and visit at any time. It would be appreciated if we could be given prior notice for visitors wishing to come after 8 pm, before 8 am, and during mealtimes.

Will I be able to have a phone in my room to make private calls?
Residents are welcome to install their own telephone facilities within their rooms (at their own expense), and most rooms are equipped with a telephone socket.

Is there a shared phone, and is it in a place where I can talk without being overheard?
There is a communal telephone which all residents are welcome to use at any time, located in a private office.

Will I be able to come and go as I please, for example, to the shops, local park, sea front or town centre?
Yes. However, in the interests of your own safety and welfare, a member of the care staff, or a relative or friend, will have to accompany you whilst you are outside of the home.

Can I get involved in activities during the day?
The home gives its residents a lot of say in the kind of activities they would like to do, and there are ample opportunities for residents to pursue their hobbies and interests (or even develop new ones!).

What happens about hospital outpatients visits, dental and opticians appointments etc?
A member of staff will always accompany you on such visits or appointments, unless a member of the family or friend chooses to take you.
  • Ground level accommodation and facilities
  • 19 spacious rooms
  • Easy access to an enclosed secure garden
  • Patio seating to the garden for morning coffee or afternoon tea
  • Family run since 1985
  • Choice of meals all freshly cooked and served
  • Different diets catered for as required
  • All rooms have a call bell, regulated water control, covered radiators, and regular risk assessments
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